Saturday, April 23, 2011

$139 Shoes for 84 Cents

Following my second pregnancy, I developed "foot" issues. Not only did my shoe size increase from 6 1/2 to a 7, but I had strained ligaments. Gone are the days of cute shoes I found at thrift stores. No, I needed solid shoes and they had to really fit my foot, otherwise I hobbled about. Painful is the word that came to mind as I wandered into Morgan's Shoes at Hilldale and buy shoes last fall. But, I'm now a convert, and I've found some great deals.
  • no longer do I own 20 pairs of shoes. I used to pay $8 or so a pair. They were inexpensive, so I bought a lot of them. Now I pay $100 a pair, and own 4 pairs. Two for work, one for casual, and the best pair of hiking boots ever (good in snow or summer heat). I like the simplicity of owning 4 pairs, it is easy;
  • when it is time to buying shoes for myself, my husband or my kids, we go to Morgan's. They have a great loyalty program. After 10 purchases, you get $50 in store credit. With little ones, we are buying them new shoes every 3 to 4 months. In less than a year we filled up the loyalty card;
  • Morgan's has a lot of great coupons in the Bucky Book, and if you get a coupon on the back of the Sentry grocery store receipt, you get a free pair of wool socks.
Recently I put all of these together and got an amazing deal. I needed a brown, delicate pair of shoes to use for work clothes in the Spring, Summer and Fall. I found just that on the CLEARANCE rack. $139 shoes were marked at $59.90, and then there was an additional percentage off. The total was $50.84. I handed over my filled loyalty card and 84 cents. The shoes were mine, and I got a punch on the next card. Plus, with the grocery receipt coupon I added another pair of wool socks to my drawer, for free.

Frugal shopping does not always require thrift store finds. But it does require organization (I need to have that loyalty card punched with each purchase, meaning I need to know where to find it) and the ability to zero in on bargains. Thankfully I have both, and now a great pair of shoes that will likely last years....for pennies - 84 to be exact.

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