Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Discussing Voluntary Simplicity

Came across this course offering in my church's adult education flier....a discussion group for voluntary simplicity. For the sake of simplifying my life, I'm opting not to join any groups at the moment. However, for those with more free time, you might want to check this out. It starts on April 7th...that would be tomorrow. If any one goes, or has prior experience, I'd love to hear your impression. I've always found talking with others motivating. It is being offered through The First Unitarian Society.

Voluntary Simplicity Discussion Group

Thursdays, April 7 – May 5
Time: 6:30 – 8 pm
Fee: $25 pledged/$35 non-pledged;
Location: Isom House
Facilitator: Ann Puser

Simplicity has a long tradition in religious practice and philosophy of life in the United States. From Thoreau to the "back to the land" movement, people have been drawn to the idea of living lightly on the Earth. Yet Americans remain at the top of the list of consumers in the world. Why the disconnect? Join this small discussion group to explore why we feel enough is never enough, to examine our own lifestyles, and to develop ways to bring our behavior in line with our beliefs about fairness in the world.

Ann Puser is a student of voluntary simplicity. Facilitating this program is a wonderful opportunity to share what she has learned on her own journey and to learn from those on the same path.
Participants will need to purchase Voluntary Simplicity from the Northwest Earth Institute,; the cost is $20.

Voluntary Simplicity Discussion Group, Pledged, $25

Voluntary Simplicity Discussion Group, Not-pledged, $35

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