Thursday, April 14, 2011

Frugal Compost Bin

Since moving into our home last November, I have been eager to re-establish a compost bin. So eager that I wanted one quickly, especially when the warmer weather melted away the snow. Being frugal, I didn't want to spent $100 plus dollars on a composting bin. That seemed kind of silly; $100 container for twigs, food scraps, and bugs. I also didn't want to spend hours wandering around a hardware store gathering supplies, and then more time in the back yard attempting to assemble a compost bin. Nor did the idea of dumping scraps in the yard appeal to me. So, I googled homemade compost bin and came across the "garbage can compost bin"! For $10 I bought a black, plastic garbage can (with a lid that snaps on) and drilled some holes along the bottom, sides, and top. And in less than an hour we were back in the business of composting. I followed the instructions on this ehow link. We are happy with the result. Contained, effective, and a cost of $10.

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