Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Frugal Doesn't Mean Cheap: $30 for Toddler Rain Boots Was A Good Deal

My toddler had outgrown his rain boots; these are not an item we go without? Since joining the Madison Waldorf School playgroup we live by the mantra "there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes". In simple terms, we go outside as often as possible. Like the mail, neither rain, sleet, nor snow keeps us inside. Living in Wisconsin and having this life style requires good rain boots. So, time for new boots.

A quick internet search determined that the going price would be $30, plus shipping and handling. Kohl's, a store I had to visit to return an item, showed some listed for $15. When I got to the actual store they had one pair left, in pink. I'm not a fan of pink, not even for my daughter. So, I decided to go to the family shoe store, Morgan's Shoe's at Hilldale.

Knowing my son's size I was able to shop without him, shaving a good hour off the visit -- he adores the model train set in the middle of the store. The clerk retrieved a pair, bright yellow, and we proceeded to the check out. I had a coupon for a free pair of Smart Wool socks with any purchase; I selected a neutral pair that will fit him next winter. I also had my loyalty card in hand, receiving a stamp, putting me one step closer to a $50 off coupon (recently I maximized this program and got a great pair of shoes for pennies).

Some people may think Morgan's Shoes is too expensive. But, when compared to the cost of internet options, including shipping and handling, it is actually a reasonable deal. The boots are also very durable, meaning that the baby can wear them one day...hence the selection of yellow, a neutral color.

Frugality is not taking the cheap route, it is taking the smart route.

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