Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Frugal Move

I am a fan of the blog, The Other Side of the Ocean. The writer shares my love of photography, home cooked food, and travel. And she was one of my law school professors. She also leads a frugal life and is in the middle of a home move. As you can see from a recent post, she opted to move as many of her belongings as possible on her own. Why? The movers charge by the hour, so the fewer items to move, the smaller the bill.

Last fall we bought a new home and moved -- three blocks away. We still needed a moving company for the heavy items. When I booked the movers and described the items the company estimated taking 7 to 8 hours to move everything. This also included wrapping furniture.

Like Nina, I was inspired to shave down the bill. Here are some steps I took to turn an 8 hour move into 4 hours!
  • Purge items you have not used in the past year. You can donate items to a charity (some will come to you for a pick-up), post items for free or a low price in Craiglist, or simply put them at the curb;
  • Opt not to have items "wrapped". We were going a short distance, and nothing we own is that valuable so we decided it didn't need to be packaged as though it were going cross-country;
  • Move items yourself. Ideal for children's toys, clothing you can put in luggage, and fragile kitchen items;
  • Use a coupon for the mover (mine was 1/2 off the first hour);
  • Purchase new items and have them delivered to the new location. Instead of paying movers a fee to move our old furniture we sold some and donated the rest and then bought new for the new house (at a great and inexpensive local furniture store).
I'd love to hear about other people's techniques for frugal moves.

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