Sunday, April 10, 2011

Landscaped Yards are Great Selling Points, But Now I Own It....

I’m still on about the lawn. We bought our current home last fall, closing on November 18th and moving the day after Thanksgiving. It snowed a week later, and I had not seen the ground since. But, alas the sun has chased away the snow (a favorite line for one of my kids’ books), and I’m discovering the lawn we purchased. Previous owners had it professionally landscaped. A great selling point. However, now that I own this visually appealing lawn I’ve come to a realization….I haven’t a clue how to maintain or update it! I’m an attorney, I write wills and trusts for a living. I do not have the first idea how to keep up the lawn or integrate the changes I’d like (butterfly and hummingbird garden for example). So, I see two options:

a) hire a professional landscaper and pull out our check book; or

b) follow my frugal inclinations, say, you’re smart, read up on gardening, do it yourself, resulting in me destroying the lovely landscaped yard I purchased.

I need an option c) – any ideas?

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