Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lawn Care for the Frugal Minded

Note to Self: Before purchasing your next home, pause, grab a rake and look at the backyard. That lawn, beautiful and expansive, may take on a new, less lustrous feel when you realize how long it will take you to clear the yard of leaves. Sure, raking is great fun, when you have endless amounts of time. I have two kids under three years of age and a part-time legal practice. Free time is non-existent here. Ten years from now raking with my kids may be great fun. But tackling the feat now is less than great. My 2 year old son hacked a muddy hole on the edge of the bushes. And my infant daughter was less than thrilled to be strapped into a carrier while mom flipped around this new and disturbing tool (a.k.a. the rake). So, after completing 1/20th of the mess to be cleaned up, I decided, some of this lawn needs to go. And that will require a consult with a landscaper. And being frugal, I’d like another option…..suggestions anyone?

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