Friday, April 29, 2011

Rebates And Why I Love Them

We are a rebate household, our postal delivery person can attest to that fact. From organic smoothies to vodka to contacts, we've done a rebate for them all. Does getting a check for $2 seem silly? Maybe, but if you saw $2 blowing down the sidewalk, free to the first person to grab them, wouldn't you?

If, like us, you are going to make the small effort to fill out a rebate form, make sure you don't squander the proceeds. All of our rebate checks are deposited into our checking account, and are record as "revenue" in quicken for the category from which the expenditure was made. So, if we bought a bottle of vodka at the grocery store, the refund check would be registered as "grocery revenue".

We joke that a room in our home should be dubbed the "rebate room", knowing at a fair number of checks have come our way. And, each month, those savings put us one step closer to being mortgage free.

Writing this I wish I could say, last year we received $x in rebate checks. I'm type A, I like facts, neat clean facts. Sadly, this information is not available for last year. But, we are about to enter a new month. Starting this May I am going to track how much we receive in rebates. I'll post the results in June of 2012.

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