Monday, April 4, 2011

To Return or Not?

Is it worth the trouble to return? That is the question that went through my mind following a recent grocery store purchase. I had just come from our monthly Woodman's shopping (large, warehouse type store) with our standard staples in hand. After putting away the items, it was time to feed the kids. I opened up a jar of Earth Best Spinach and Potatoes for my 8-month old daughter. Ughhh! Once again, the jar of food was bad....puffy and dry is not edible baby food.

This is the second time I've gotten a bad jar of this food from Woodmans. Since it is the only place I can find this flavor, and my daughter loves it, I bought 6 jars. Now I must answer the question - should I bother returning it? Shopping with a toddler and a baby is no easy feat, especially when you factor in my 20 hour work week as an attorney. Inspiration hits. On our way out of town for some family R&R, we'll stop by the store. My husband can wait with the kids in the car while I do the return.

My recommendation, always keep a receipt. If you end up with a product that does not work or goes bad, not returning it is the same as tossing money out the window. It helps to have one spot for all receipts, and toss them out once you know a return is not an option (i.e. it was consumed or used beyond a point of returning).

And next time, I won't be purchasing this product from Woodmans again.

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