Thursday, May 19, 2011

Always Keeping An Eye Out For Coupons

Recently I learned something about myself, apparently I have an eye for coupons. During a play group gathering at the Madison Waldorf School I was talking with the other parents about deals I get at Morgan's Shoes at Hilldale. They quickly responded "oh, that store is too expensive" for me. But after hearing about the coupons I use there, their tune changed. "How did you find them (meaning coupons)?" they asked.

How did I find them? The question struck me as silly, it was like asking how I knew to breathe. My eye is always out for a coupon. But not just any coupon, one that is for a product or service I already plan to use or try. Otherwise, if I let coupons dictate my spending, I'll find I'm spending more and not being frugal.

So, where do I commonly find coupons:
  • the back of grocery store receipts (that is where I found the buy a pair of shoes and get a free pair of Smart Wool socks at Morgan's Shoes);
  • the Bucky Book;
  • bottom of register receipts (common at Morgan's Shoes); and
  • magazines and coupon packs that arrive in the mail (great for hair cut coupons).
I have a special spot on the kitchen counter, near my notebook where I make lists of things we need, where the coupons reside. Whenever I pull out my notebook to make a list, the coupons are immediately at hand.

What about you, where is your favorite source for coupons?

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