Friday, May 27, 2011

Buying in Bulk

84 ounces of yogurt, at one time, that's a lot of yogurt. Even the vendor at the farmers' market thought so. But I bought one. My daughter, just shy of 10 months LOVES it. And I try to have a serving at least once a day. So, we can work our way through yogurt fairly quickly. And, it was cheaper buying the larger container.

This 84 ounce container cost $8.50, bought direct for the dairy at their farmers' market stand. In contrast, I can get a 24 ounce container at my grocery store for $3.19. It works out to about a 3 cent per ounce savings. I'll take that, I'm frugal.

Now I'm starting to think about other items we might want to 1) buy direct from the producer (i.e. cut out the middle man fee), and 2) what items to buy in bulk. I already do this for paper products, but it seems like I could expand to other areas. Perhaps meat? What do others do?

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