Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frugal Exercise....The Hula Hoop

Following the birth of my first child in 2008, life as I had known it ended. Sleep deprivation, a c-section (he was breach), and owning my own legal practice made it increasingly difficult to find time to exercise. Okay, exercise is not at the top of my to-do list, I admit that. Maybe that is why I was drawn to the hula hoop, or what has become known as "hooping".

I bought a hoop from a local women, she even delivered it to my door. It is large, weighs a bit more than a child's hoop, and offers a fantastic ab work out. I would put on the soundtrack to Monsoon Wedding and hoop through a few songs while my infant son watched and bounced to the music.

Flash forward 2 years. Another pregnancy (so no hooping for almost a year), followed by a second c-section (she too was breach). Working more at my practice, caring for 2 children. The exercise habit is slipping. Last month I received the email newsletter for, and it was perfect timing. Time for me to pull out the hula hoop, give my abs a workout, listen to some good music, and show my children how to live a fit and healthy lifestyle.

And who knows, as they get older and more independent (which I've been told they will d0), I may one day have more free time and can check out classes and events offered through Madison Hoop Dance.

In my opinion, hooping is a great frugal workout. The cost, a hula hoop. Mine cost less than $30. You don't need a gym. Five to ten minutes can make a difference. Hooping, it is on my agenda for this summer.

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