Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frugal People Watch for Details

We use Quicken to keep track of our revenues and expenditures, and included on the auto updates is our USAA credit card (which to our delight pays us 1% back each year, in cash, not credits or miles). Recently I noticed a $70 charge appear from a child care web site. We had done a free 3-month trial with the site (, however, opted not to use the site. I failed to notice that the default setting was an auto-renew for 3 months, costing $70. To my surprise I received a phone call within an hour of sending in an email, and the credit appeared on our account days later.

Lesson learned, watch your credit card for charges you may not notice....don't just look at the total and pay. Also, investing a few minutes of your time to question a questionable fee can be worth it. In my case it saved us $70. And I made sure to click "no" to auto renewal.

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