Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Frugality and Patience

To be frugal is to be patient, at least in my book. Patience means:

an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness orannoyance when confronted with delay

How does patience help me live a frugal life? Routinely I have a list in my head, or sometimes on paper, of items I'd like to add to my life. Instead of rushing out and purchasing them immediately I wait, and give the universe a chance to bring them into my life.

For example, for several months I had been thinking it would be nice to get a world map to hang up in my son's room. The fact that I have a toddler and infant means I am not out shopping too much; trips are limited to Target and the grocery store for the most part. However, in March we attended a HAM (amateur) radio swap meet in Milwaukee. And, there, for FREE, was a world map showing various frequencies. Perfect for my toddler. I was happy I was patient and did not spend $10 or more dollars on a map.

Several years ago I had a similar experience. I had been wanting a baking tin to make an oversized cookie. My husband does not like cake, so for his birthday I would make a large chocolate chip cookie. I wanted a pan, like an oversized pizza pan. I looked and looked (this was pre-kids), but could find just the right thing. I waited. And I was rewarded. While out at a garage sale I found the perfect thing, and I paid $1. I use it every year, and it makes the most wonderful birthday cookie.

Patience, it is an essential element of the frugal life.

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