Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gift Bags, Take 2

Sunday evening I was putting together an end-of-the-year thank you gift for the playgroup leader at the Madison Waldorf School. She did a wonderful job introducing our family to the rhythm and flow of Waldorf, and we look forward to returning in the fall. However, the leader of the playgroup as decided to change directions, and will not be there in the fall. We picked up some lovely yarn for her at the Midwest Alpaca Festival that was in town recently. And, it was time to put the gift together.

So, I made a short trip downstairs to the "holiday" closet; it is where I store decorations for various holidays (most of which were purchased from 2nd hand stores). The left side of one shelf is devoted to gift bags and tissue paper. Not new ones, ones that were given to us as part of a gift.

This is a lovely and frugal way to stretch a dollar and keep gift wrap out of a landfill. My suggestion -- have a specific spot devoted to storing these items and make sure to stock it if and when you receive a gift.

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