Friday, May 13, 2011

Gift Cards and the Frugally Minded

A few months ago I was given a gift card as a token of thanks for giving a seminar on estate planning to a group of doctors. The card, $50 at Macy's, has been taking up space in my wallet ever since. Macy's is not a typical stop for me, but this past Wednesday I found myself at Hilldale with the kids -- it was Farmers' Market Day.

In my mind I had been trying to work out when I could make a run to Goodwill or Savers as the baby had shot through her 9-12 month clothes and was in need of summer 12 month outfits. I opted to check out Macy's selection. I was there, I had a gift card, and time saved is just as good as money saved. We left 20 minutes latter with 10 outfits in hand. The clerk rang up the total, $50.37! I handed her the gift card and 37 cents.

Now I have some breathing room to find time to hit some garage sales and our thrift stores to stock up on 18 month and 2T options for our daughter.

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