Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Power of Cash

This past Saturday I ventured out, with the kids, to our first farmers' market of the season. Cash in hand we picked up some staples: yogurt ($8.50 for 84 ounces -- a great buy), honey, spinach, and scallions. As we headed out we decided to get a treat, and had $6 cash remaining in our wallet. We thought some lemon poppy seed bread and fresh cheese curds sounded nice, but the price was $7. I asked if they had a smaller bag of curds....nope. I said, hmmm, I only have $6 cash. The farmer thought for less than a minute and said "deal", you can have them for $6.

The dollar savings isn't much, but it illustrates a previous point I've made here on frugal. The power of cash. When a seller sees cash in hand it is very hard for them to have a sale walk away and are often willing to take less. The lesson, carry cash, be willing to walk away, but always do so with respect and thanks for the seller.

Happy Market Season!

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