Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle -- Jack Johnson Inspires

Several years ago I heard the song Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Jack Johnson. Aimed at children, the message is a great one, especially for someone looking for frugal inspiration. Listening to the lyrics I try to think of ways I can meet the goals. He says "three is the magic number" -- here are three ideas of mine for each:

  • avoid holding events where people feel the need to bring a gift (i.e. we've opted to postpone birthday parties for your kids until they are older, instead we take the day off from work and spend it together as a family; and
  • hypermiling (we enjoy pretending that the 2005 Honda Civic is a hybrid);
  • turn the heat down a few degrees or set the temp higher before the air conditioning is turned on.
  • keep glass jars (spaghetti, mayo, peanut, etc.) for bulk kitchen items (popcorn, flax seed, walnuts, etc.);
  • buy neutral clothing items for the kids, maximizing the chance our daughter can wear her older brother's items (translation, Ian recently got a new pair of rain boots....they are classic yellow, a nice option for little sis in a few years);
  • discarded work paper is put into a "kids bin" for drawing paper...the back side is blank!
  • keep received greeting cards for the kids to cut and paste with next year;
  • compost kitchen scraps; and
  • use Craigslist to post items you no longer need or want (great for everything from furniture to soildering wick....yes, someone actually claimed that from a post my husband made).

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  1. Hey there Melinda - We recently had a birthday party for Robbie and we told his three guests the following, "If you choose to bring a present, (which is not at all expected) please find something around the house that your child no longer plays with that he thinks Robbie might enjoy." It was a complete success!

    And there were no treat bags from us either ...