Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reducing Food Waste, Saving Dollars

It has been less than a month since we set up our compost bin and it is nearly full!!!! Sure, we put in some yard waste, which was needed to get it started. I am astonished at how much food scrap has been diverted from our trash and the landfill to our compost bin. I am also astonished at how much food ends up there because it went bad before we had an opportunity to enjoy it. That is literally throwing money out the door! In an effort to break this trend I've been doing my best to finish leftovers and make use of veggies before it is too late. This week two lunches can from this effort:
  1. Mexican Chicken Salad: cut up remaining chicken thigh, tossed with remaining pico and avacado, add a scoop of canola mayo. Ate with whole grain crackers. Filling and satisfying lunch; and
  2. Pesto Pasta: tossed leftover whole wheat spaghetti with olive oil, microwaved for 30 seconds, added two scoops pesto, dash of parmesan cheese. Ate with a handful of cherry tomatoes from veggies on the counter. A little heavy on the carbs, but very tasty. Had I had more time I would have made salmon patties to balance the carbs with protein, but as usual, I was running short on time.

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