Monday, May 9, 2011

Simplicity Parenting and Library Books

So I am attempting to incorporate aspects of Simplicity Parenting into our home. With dual careers parents who both own businesses (my husband, an electrical engineering designs printed circuit boards, I'm a solo attorney focusing on estate planning and probate), two kids under three, two cats, a home, aging parents with health issues, etc.....we need to simplify our life.

One way we've hit the mark is with the public library. We both love books, and used to love buying books. But, quickly the material piled up, and space to store it (i.e. living space) is quite expensive these days. So, we purged. It was painful, but we did it. Keeping only the books we adored.

With the addition of children into our lives we now had an entirely new scope of books to potentially purchase. Thankfully we've kept the purchases to a minimum, but we have two kids that adore books. On a recent drive to Milwaukee, Wisconsin (about 1 hour away) our 2 and a 1/2 year old read books there and back, no TV, no electronic media, just plain old books.

We read a lot of books, and after about 2 months we've read the enough times that we become bored with them. Instead of tossing them in the back of a shelf, they go back to the library. Ones that we especially enjoyed are logged into "my favorites" list on the library web site. When we are in the mood for the book again all I have to do is request it; and it arrives at our library. No storing it for months, no endless searches threw discarded toys. I get an email and it is waiting on a shelf in alpha order by last name.

Some books are very special, and those we do opt to buy. Many can be found on for next to nothing. My point -- you don't have to spend thousands of dollars on books (which is an easy task if you are a book worm) to turn your children into book lovers. All you need is a library card!

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