Sunday, May 1, 2011

What to Eat? Have a Plan!

People who know me would likely say I have little if anything in common with a 1940's housewife. I have three degrees, a double last name WITHOUT a hyphen, and I am a lawyer who owns a legal practice. Yet, I also have a husband, two small children, and a home. I work part-time. The mornings I am with the kids, raising them and tending to the house. At 1pm the nanny arrives and I switch into legal mode.

In an effort to keep the whiplash under control, I've developed a routine for dinner. One taken straight out of Betty Crocker's 1940 cook books -- a routine meal plan. Why? Not agonizing about dinner is a blessing. Instead, I have a plan developed, shop accordingly, and meals run much smoother than they used to. It also cuts down on wasted food. At our house, here is what you'll find on the dinner table:
  • Sunday = Quiche and veggies;
  • Monday = Crock pot chicken, brown rice, curried veggies;
  • Tuesday = Soup and Bread;
  • Wednesday = Leftovers (this is also the night I work late);
  • Thursday = Bean dish;
  • Friday = Pasta; and
  • Saturday = Take-out -- Indian, Chinese or pizza (we usually use a coupon, and always get one more meal out of the leftovers).
Simple, uneventful, and low stress. The women of the 1940's knew a thing or two about running a household.

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