Monday, June 6, 2011

The Best $20 I Ever Spent....

Last Friday I received a phone call that lit up my face, I had won three nights at a condo in Bayfield, Wisconsin! Earlier in the year I had bout 5 raffle tickets, for $20, to support a fundraising event at our church. Other members had donated the three nights at their condo, located in downtown Bayfield. My husband was puzzled with my desire to buy tickets; he prefers not to mix his "gambling" with his "charity". I on the other hand have a lot of luck winning things, so I said, why not. And how could we resist. We were married in Bayfield (technically Washburn, on the courthouse lawn) five years ago this June. When I saw the dates posted for the condo, I just knew I wanted to enter because it was around our anniversary. And I am glad I did. Funny, the first winner was drawn several weeks ago but just found out he had to leave the country and said "oh, just draw another name". And it was mine!!!

How does this relate to frugality? Well, we will be staying in a condo, which seems to be a frugal way to travel. With the condo comes a kitchen, meaning I can prepare simple, low cost meals and avoid pricey restaurant food. It also highlights that finding free or low cost lodging when you travel is a great way to save big bucks. If you can't win free lodging, here are a few other low cost options that come to mind:
  • camp (assuming if you purchase equipment that you will either use it many more times or sell it and re-coup your costs);
  • exchange homes (search google for web sites);
  • go in the off season;
  • stay with friends or family;
  • check to see if local college dorms rent rooms in the summer; or
  • seek out a hostile.
I don't camp, doubt I ever will. In the past I've seen New York City, Paris, and Hawaii, by visiting friends who lived in the area, and I went to Ireland in the off season, getting great deals at B&Bs. Does anyone else have options for low cost housing?

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