Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Admission At US National Parks 2011

Some of my favorite things: nature and free. When the two are combined I am beyond happy beyond words. Knowing that Wisconsin recently had its Free State Park Day, I wondered if there was an equivalent at the Federal level. To my delight I discovered, yes, and on multiple days. Upcoming free days for US National Parks, in 2011, include:
  • June 21st (1st day of summer);
  • September 24th (Public Lands Day);
  • November 11-13 (Veterans Day Weekend).
My wedding anniversary is June 21st, but being in the middle of the week I'm not sure we can make a trek to a National Park. However, my birthday is September 24th, a Saturday, and is now motivation to find a park and pay a visit....it will be FREE!

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