Sunday, June 5, 2011

Frugal Hairdo?

Life tends to cycle, and I find myself seeking a new hairdo. Something easy to maintain, yet professional. With two kids under three and a part-time legal practice, I'd place more emphasis on easy. I don't want to have to run to a stylist every couple of weeks. Finding the time to get there is next to impossible, plus it adds up, especially if I have to hire a sitter to go. Ease it is. And that brings me back to an option I explored 6 years ago, Cury Girl.

Curly Girl -- have you heard about it? Based on a book written by Lorraine Massey and Deborah Chiel, it goes with the less is more approach. Drastically reducing or eliminating shampoos, focusing on moisture, and gentle brushing of the hair. There is very little daily maintenance, and it results (or claims to) the appearance of a perm.

My memory tells me that I tried this method, and it worked. The only problem was my hairdo was more chaotic than normal, something my husband noticed and mentioned. And for him to notice anything new about my hairstyle means it must have been rather chaotic. But, that was 2006. Life before kids. Before sustaining whiplash when moving from a morning of parenting to an afternoon of drafting and client meetings. My standards....well, they've changed. Curly Girl appeals to me. Ease each day, and a simple cut that I could get at any drop in hair cut place.

Have I lost some of you, those devoted to your stylists? Does anyone have suggestions or thoughts? It's summer, and I need a new, frugal, look.


  1. First, whatever you do, don't join the 87% of women who color. Then, play: layer? blunt? bangs? Without? The longer the hair, the less frequently you have to trim it. I went from monthly cut and color that were unbelievably expensive, to no color and a trim every maybe four months. In between, I pull back, twist up -- etc etc.

    Show us pics!

  2. Very thin hair, layers help. I won't color, always been too pricey for me. Instead I buy a conditioner from Aveda that covers the gray, works okay and doesn't break the bank. No pics on hand; I tend to be the one behind the camera. Maybe I'll document the Curly Girl transition.