Friday, June 24, 2011

Frugal Wedding Tip #5: Honeymoons That Don't Break The Bank

The honeymoon -- the part of a wedding that appealed to me the most. I love to travel, and a marriage is a great excuse to take a vacation. When negotiating the terms of our wedding, I pushed hard for a planned elopement abroad. My husband pushed back with a destination elopement, but contained to the borders of Wisconsin. We went back and forth, his argument prevailed. We were married on the lawn of the courthouse in Washburn, Wisconsin and stayed that week in a cabin just outside of Bayfield, Wisconsin. Here are a few ways to save money on the honeymoon portion of your wedding:

  • marry and honeymoon in the same location;
  • plan your honeymoon trip during the off season for your destination;
  • lodging should contain a full kitchen -- if you like to cook you can drastically cut expenses by dining in;
  • consider a volunteer or "work vacation" -- you can see some amazing parts of the world for less, and maybe even get some sort of tax deduction;
  • select a location that offers inexpensive or free entertainment; think hiking, biking, free or low cost museums, music festivals, etc.

What ideas do others have, I’m sure there must be some I overlooked!

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