Friday, June 10, 2011

Rice & Beans, Beans & Rice

In the immediate years after law school I routinely listed to Dave Ramsey's radio program. If you haven't heard of him, he has a radio show (and books, and TV program, etc.) where he motivates people to make common sense decisions about finances. He also falls into the area of "right wing" religious beliefs. I don't. But his financial tips and stories were so powerful that I tuned out the social messages that did not align with my life. Of his many catch phrases, one has been bumping around in my head a lot lately, and I don't listen to his show anymore.

"Rice and beans, Beans and rice" -- that is what he would tell people who were trying to pay off mountains of debt. What did he mean? Keep the grocery bill small while paying down debt. Beans and rice can provide the nutrients you need, skip the cuts of meat or take out food.

We are not paying down mountains of dept. I did that already -- bye bye student loans. So why am I thinking about beans and rice? My grocery bill last month was 20% larger than my mortgage! We buy organic most of the time, and have two small children. But still, the amount was absurd. Especially when you factor in that my husband and I are both self-employed with variable incomes. So, my goal is to get the grocery bill down without sacrificing on quality. Suggestions anyone?

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