Saturday, June 18, 2011

Selling Books on Amazon

Earlier this year I had great intentions; I would start reading non-fiction again. The way I used to, before kids. Law school had not slowed down my reading habit, and I vowed that being a parent would not as well. In a burst of energy I ordered four months of books for the First Unitarian Society of Madison's Social Justice Book Club. Each month I started the book....only to find myself 30 or 40 pages in by the time the meeting rolled around. The parenting role, a.k.a., sleep deprivation was still deflating my reading habits.

So, I had a pile of books, non-fiction books that delved into complex social issues. They were not page turners, they were not anything I would read soon. So, in yet another burst of energy, I listed them all for sale on; within 48 hours they were all on their way to new homes. And I had $34 more in my bank account.

I am happy to report that this month I am making great progress on the book, and will have it completed by the time we meet. However, I do not plan to keep the book. I've read it once, will have it with me for discussion purposes, but will then once again "release it into the book world". I used to have shelves and shelves of books, then I met the many who would become my husband and I learned about the "cost per square foot" of books took up a lot of space. Should I want to read it again, there is always the library or I can find it used or new with a key stroke.

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