Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When the Middle Man Saves You Money...

Bagels, we consume a good amount in our home. And the Bagels Forever brand is our favorite, made within 2 miles of our home at their store front on University Ave. So, in my current effort to reduce the grocery bill, I assumed that buying the bagels directly from the store would save me money. I was wrong.

I had been buying 12 sesame bagels, pre-sliced and frozen from Metcalfe's for $4.18. I assumed that I could pick up the same amount, for less, each week when we stop at Bagels Forever Sundays after services at First Unitarian Society.

So, when I arrived this past Sunday I was shocked to see that the a bagel factory would charge me $4.80, plus 50 cents to cut them! There goes my theory of the middleman adding on to cost. Does the store charge a premium for freshness? If so, that doesn't help me because these are the bagels I use to make my husband's egg and cheese breakfast bagels, which I freeze.

Now I know the cost difference, a mere $1.12 ($5.30 minus $4.19) is not huge, but it is the principal. The moral of this story, don't assume the middleman increases cost -- always run the numbers and see if you are saving.


  1. One could argue that freshness is the main advantage of buying them at the source. For bagels, I'm not sure that's worth an extra $1.12, but there's no accounting for taste.

  2. We discovered the same thing a while back. The absolute best is when Sentry has them on sale - then we buy boatloads and toss them in the freezer.

  3. Ahhhh, sales and a chest freezer, pure joy for the frugal!!! Thanks for sharing.