Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Almost $9 For One Light Bulb? Yes, That Is Correct

Flipped the light switch in the kitchen the other day, and the flood light above the coffee maker was out. We have six of them up there, and considering how much time we spend preparing, eating, and clean up after meals -- we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. On my next trip to Target I picked up a Reveal 15w flood light, designed to replace the 65w regular one that had been there since we bought the house last November. I hesitated at first, nearly $9 for one bulb? Sure, I use the Target debit card and get 5% off, but that is still a lot for a frugal minded person to hand over. But, I could hear my husband's voice in my head...those bulbs save on energy costs overall.

I left the package on the kitchen counter with the intention of putting it in at my next opportunity. Oddly, before I had a chance, it was in place. When you marry an electrical engineer you may find that he has a "thing" for light bulbs and batteries that most men reserve for beer and football. Delighted to have another "toy" to install, he'd jumped at the chance. Plus, as I wrote it was the light above the coffee maker, so he noticed it immediately. His job each night is to have that coffee maker prepared and ready to go off at 6am, just before our little ones start their day.

He suggested I write a frugal post on the savings. Great idea, how much do we save? He muttered a bunch of numbers under his breath. Watts, kilowatt hour, etc. I'll spare you the details. Should you question his math, I'll get you his email. But, based on his mutterings and calculator mind, in under a minute he determined that, assuming that the one bulb is on for 10 hours a day, we'd save a little over $2 a month. What, with all six bulbs we'd save over $24 a month on the electric bill.

And that my dear reader is why I spent nearly $9 on one bulb. A bulb that is guaranteed to last 6 years. Remember, frugal is not always the cheapest route.

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