Sunday, July 10, 2011

A European Approach To Food

No, this post is not about my kitchen experiments to fuse Irish and Swedish recipes or something along those lines. It is not about food preparation at all, but rather, food gathering, European style.

This past week my car has been in the shop; wiring issues with the back window and missing the "part order" deadline has kept it there longer than anticipated. So, I'm sans vehicle, and sans car seats. That leaves me with public transit, bike, or foot power. I've opted for the later, it is my favorite and the easiest with children. And this week I've done some grocery shopping via foot. And I LOVE it. It combines some daily exercise, emits no harmful chemicals, and forces me to buy fresh food in quantities small enough for me to carry. Hence the label, European Shopping. I love it so much that I plan to continue once my car is returned.

Now I just wished our house was a smidge closer to a store. We are .9 miles from Copps on Whitney Way and 1.2 miles from Sentry at Hilldale. Pre-kids this would be easy, with kids it is akin to hiking in the mountains. Double stroller, toddler, baby, assorted gear needed for 1.5 hour outing. The entire thing weighs 70 pounds. That is a lot to push up hill, but it replaces a gym workout. Anyone have tips on to make this easier?

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  1. We almost never make a "huge" grocery run, but here are my tips on making this way of food gathering more convenient and cost-effective:
    - Instead of waiting until you're out of all the big things at once, space out the heavy items you need to buy or just anticipate as much as possible.
    - Combine trips to the grocery store with other outings - if you take the kids downtown or to the library, stop by the weekday farmers' markets or convenience stores and pick up a few things here and there. This is so much easier without a car because you don't need to worry about parking, getting the kids in and out, etc.
    - Make sure to always always carry extra grocery bags with you that are easy to carry. Some of the canvas bags are much easier to throw over your shoulder than plastic or paper bags from the store. I think chico bags now even makes a messenger-style bag that folds up into itself and is easy to throw in your purse or diaper bag.
    - Invest in a 2-kid bike trailer. They usually can double as a baby jogger, and they have TONS of storage space for groceries. Bonus: a 1-mile bike ride, even with 2 kids, isn't very far and would keep your round-trip time to a minimum. Extra bonus: most kids love them!