Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Free Opera!

I've been to the opera, once. The cost was just under $65/ticket, and that was 5 years ago. We went because we were given a gift certificate. It was nice, but not nice enough to drop that kind of cash anytime soon. Yet, we enjoy culture. We enjoy exposing our children to culture. And that is why we are thrilled to see that once again the Madison Symphony Orchestra will be hosting the annual FREE Opera in the Park once again this year. Scheduled for Saturday, July 16th, it is held at the park around the corner from our home. With two kids under age 3, we've decided to listen from the comfort of our backyard -- and spare those more serious about the experience the commentary from our children (i.e. screams as bedtime approaches).

If you are not living in or visiting Madison, Wisconsin the weekend of July 16th, you can check out this list of free music festivals -- listed from all across the globe. Enjoy the music everyone!

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