Monday, July 11, 2011

If You Build It....

"If you build it they will come" -- those words or something along those lines were a cultural icon in my youth thanks to a movie about baseball. And it rattles in my head as I think about the loaner car Zimbrick Honda gave us while my car was being repaired. I went from a Honda Civic to a Honda Pilot, and all I can say is "if you have the space, you will fill it".

Not even 2 hours had passed before my husband handed me the keys that I thought "hmmm mid-size SUV, now I can make one trip to Target and get ALL the items I want for the back porch". And sure enough, that evening my 5 foot one self climbed into that vehicle and drove 1 mile to my local Target. I was able to get the patio items we'd been wanting; all 50% off as Target is making room for school supplies. Then I drove to the library, and that is when I felt the stares. I was driving a vehicle that could have it's own zip code. I'd wished it had "loaner vehicle - I'm really a Civic kind of person" plastered all over it.

Zimbrick is smart is loaning out new vehicles; the technology appeals to my husband, and I like the neatness of a new car. But not that much car. It would scare me having that much purchasing power. With all that space it would be tempting to fill it; thrift stores have great bargains! When we bought our home we wanted to keep the space small. For the current times, we do live in a small space considering there are 2 adults, 2 kids, 2 cats, and 2 home businesses. We know that if we have the space, it will fill up. Mostly with items we wouldn't remember owning, yet alone use. Keep it small, that is our house mantra and it will now be applied to any future car purchases.

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