Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lesson Learned: Paid Premium Prices, Received Poor Service

It was the 4th of July weekend and somehow the window on the rear passenger seat of my car went down....and would not go back up. The locks had been touchy for a few weeks, but we let is slide. Now this. Stressed about needing to use my car for work, and having a window stuck in the down position, we decided it could not be ignored any longer. Repairs were needed.

Me: "Let's call Zimbrick in the morning -- being the dealer they'll be able to fix it fast. And they've done great work in the past."

My Husband: "The Dealer? Are you nuts, it costs soooo much more to go to the dealer! Let's call around, maybe your brother could help?"

Me: "No, he is out of town. The dealer costs more, but you get great service. I'd have to work around my brother's schedule. The other place down the road doesn't have that great of a waiting area...and with the kids...let's just take it to Zimbrick and get this fixed ASAP."

My husband: "Okay, paying more but getting great service makes sense -- but I could sense his doubt".

He called Tuesday at 7am. They said to get it in by 9am and we'd have it Wednesday. That night they call to say "sorry, we didn't get to it until late today. We know the problem but can't order the part until Wednesday morning. You'll have it Thursday". And yes, you guessed it, Thursday arrives and we are told ONE part came in, but not the other. One door would be working, but if we waited until Friday, both would. And as you might surmise from the fact I'm writing this post, Friday arrives and part number two is STILL not there. To make this situation more difficult we had opted NOT to put the car seats in the loaner vehicle because it was only going to be 24 hours. We only have one car with car seats; the kids were marooned at home. On Friday we took the vehicle, partially repaired, and said "good day to Zimbrick's Honda Service Center." The part cost $29. We were charged $180 to diagnosis the problem and another $15o to fix one side. That is too much, for too little service and no understanding from their service representatives -- at least for this frugal Honda driver. And, as my husband suggested, we'll hire my brother who has a small body shop just north of Madison to fix the other side. Lesson learned, expensive does not always equate to high quality.

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