Saturday, July 30, 2011

Picking Peppers

This past week my one pepper plant, growing in a pot on the south side of my house, offered us 4 green peppers. Two more are in development! The freshness of the pepper was amazing. All in all, I'm probably not saving much money though. I had to purchase stones, soil, pots, and plants.
This year I stared with 2 tomato plants and 1 pepper plant. For some reason one of the tomato plants didn't drain, water pooled, and the plant is no longer with us. I am by no means a farmer. From a dollar perspective, it is probably cheaper for me to buy directly at the farmers' market and not dapple with gardening. But, there is an added benefit. An educational one. My son, nearly 3 years old, is understanding where food comes from. Even if I can't get him to eat a green pepper this year, he will have some sense of food coming from the earth, and not just a shelf at the store or market. My hope watching plants grow, offering food, will encourage him to continue playing in the kitchen. And from that play will grow the ability to cook, an ability that can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in food expenses over the years.

What container gardening tips can readers offer? I plan to repeat this again next year, adding a few more options.

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