Thursday, July 7, 2011

Road Navigation - Old School Style

Traveling back from our recent trip to Bayfield, Wisconsin, I sat in the co-pilot seat with map in hand. Not a digital map, not a GPS, but a paper map. The kind you fold. The kind you get for FREE from your Senator's office. As we worked our way south to Madison we hit construction. I consulted the map, and we had a new route. The unique event occurring in our car did not register with me, but it did with my husband.

He is an electrical engineer, or EE for short. When our life is missing a piece of technology, he notices immediately. Thankfully he is a frugal and patient EE, so we do not have every bell and whistle gadget on the market. So, during this point in the drive the kids were asleep and we were able to talk.

Him - "hmmm, odd you are using a map"

Me -"Why odd? I've always used maps."

Him -"but a GPS can do that for you."

Me -"yes, but I'd have to PAY for the gadget, and likely for some subscription or upgrade or some other built in fee. A map is FREE.".

Him - "yes, it's free, but not as cool."

Me --"a filled up 529 plan is cool, a GPS is an overpriced toy".

Him -"....yes, but one day, let's get the overpriced toy, once the kids are in college".

And that we agreed on.

Curious later at home, I googled the devices. The price ranges from $75 on up. There are services you can add on. But, the technology will be outdated, most likely before you fully figure out how to use the darn thing. I can fold a map, my free map, and I'm happy with that for now.

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