Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cutting Costs in the Kitchen

I've been in frugal overdrive the past few weeks. Here are a few steps I've taken to cut costs, save money, and tread a little lighter on the earth:
  1. Re-use baggies. I tend to buy hardy ones, the kind used for freezing. Once used, I turn them inside out, wash them with the dishes, set them aside to try, and re-use them again;
  2. Rinse and wash tin foil for reuse -- again, using a hardier brand to extend use;
  3. Turn off the burner before the eggs or pancakes are done cooking. It will stay hot for some time, I use the energy that would otherwise go into the house, unused, and heat up the kitchen;
  4. Unused coffee in the pot is put into a container and into the fridge it goes. Poured over ice, with a dash of whole milk, it makes a lovely afternoon treat; and
  5. Embrace veggies. Reducing meat and dairy products saves on the grocery bill. And this time of year veggies can be had for pennies.
Can you offer some kitchen savings I've overlooked? If so, please post a comment.

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