Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Frugally Fit

Looking for low cost ways to stay fit? Here are a few suggestions I can offer:
  1. Hula Hoop - an adult sized hula hoop is a fun way to work your abs. Do a search on YouTube and you can find amazing tricks and stunts, or just keep it simple. My hoop cost $20.
  2. Jump rope - return to childhood and jump rope. Outside or inside it is easy, quiet, and cheap. My rope cost $10.
  3. Walk -- walk for fun, errands, exercise -- it doesn't matter, just walk. You need a comfortable pair of shoes and patience. I love to listen to my MP3 player and walk to the grocery store every few days when dairy and fruit run low.
  4. Public library DVDs and media -- check out the shelves of your local library or its on-line database. From belly dance to tai chi to cardio boost - they have it all, for FREE.
  5. Yoga -- developing a simple morning or evening practice you do at home is relaxing, affordable, and you can do it while on vacation as well.
Did I overlook a favorite frugal fit routine of yours? If so, please share!

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