Friday, August 12, 2011

Get the Most Out of Your Newspaper

Unlike many Americans, I still receive a paper newspaper each day. There it is, at the end of my driveway each morning. Canceling it would save me a few hundred dollars a month. But, I grew up reading a paper and want the same for my children. So, I'm determined to get the most value out of the subscription as possible. Here are a few of my strategies:
  1. I read stories aloud to my children (ages 3 and 1). I avoid the horrific stories and focus on science and nature for the most part. It is a nice way for me to stay up to date, introduces amazing words to them, and gives us great conversation topics;
  2. Cut out coupons or note discounts that are featured in the paper;
  3. Use the paper to find free or low cost events to attend;
  4. Complete the games or word puzzles and give your brain a workout; and
  5. When complete, pass the paper on to a friend, neighbor or co-worker. If consistent enough, they may even share some of the subscription cost.
Happy reading!

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