Monday, August 22, 2011

Giving Up My Paper Towel Habit

Last week I started reading Suddenly Frugal: How to live happier and healthier for less by Leah Ingram. After paying way too much for a house in the boom era, Ingram and her family were forced to turn frugal so that they could stay afloat. Her book is engaging and full of great ideas. I consider myself quite frugal and am always delighted when I pick up new ideas.

I'm still working my way through her book, but wanted to share a challenge she I've accepted. Giving up my paper towel habit. Instead of whipping and tossing in the trash, I am working towards building a nice stash of rags to clean up the messes left behind by a 3 and 1 year old, two cats, and a husband (oh, and me at times).

To build a stash of rags, Ingram suggests raiding your t-shirt and undershirt drawer. Pull out ones that are beyond their prime and put them aside for use. Once used, toss them in the wash and re-use. She even goes as far as putting the depleted rags in her compost pile, a trick she got from her mother.

I have one suggestion to add to building a supply, cloth diapers. Whether you have little ones at home or frequent garage sales and thrift stores, old cloth diapers make great rags!

Thanks to Ingram I hope to chop of my approximate $65/year paper towel habit, and tread a little easier on planet earth.

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