Sunday, August 28, 2011

Great Dollar Store Buys

My approach to frugal living is more a focus on getting quality for the best price, and rarely do I find that at a "dollar store". However, my husband adores such establishments and recently made some wise purchases:
  1. Sensitive toothpaste -- the brand he bought, for $1, performs the same as the pricier versions found in stores like Target;
  2. Tupperware -- at $1 a package, he stocked up (after forgetting sets at a client's office, which the cleaning staff promptly tossed in the trash); and
  3. Cleaning supplies -- he found a broom for $1. We didn't need a broom, but our 3 year old son did. This has been designated his broom -- a great, practical toy for $1.
If you know your prices, you can spot a bargain. Start paying attention to what you pay, and then you'll know if a trip to the dollar store is worthwhile. How can you pay more attention. One, carry a calculator with you when you shop. If you put something in your cart, punch it in to the calculator. Two, watch the cashier as s/he scans your purchases. Seeing your item zapped and a price register on the machine will help it register in your mind.

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