Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make Every Cent Count

Years ago I designated a certain jar, one I'd received as a gift, as my "coin jar". If I find loose coins while doing laundry or cleaning the house, I toss them in the coin jar. When my wallet is weighted down by too many coins, I dump them into the coin jar. And, thanks to being mindful of my loose change, I am never shy to pick up the stray dime or quarter I see on the ground in the parking lot, etc. Into the jar it goes.

Prior to marriage, during my "pay down the debt" years, I would take the coins to the bank on a monthly basis, have them deposited into my checking, and tack the balance on to my student loan payment. With the debt behind me, I still have a coin jar. Now I take it in quarterly (life is a bit crazy these days), and put the balance towards our efforts to pay off or mortgage.

Every cent matters. Create a coin jar, pay attention, take charge, and you'll feel great. And you don't need to buy a coin jar. Here are suggestions on what to use:
  • decorative jar or glass you received as gift;
  • old coffee can;
  • child's piggy bank;
  • emptied animal cracker plastic tub;
  • finished ice cream gallon container; or
  • a shoe box.
Be creative, find something in your home now, and dump in some change. Oh, and when you cart if off the to bank or credit union and you use a plastic bag rather than your jar, re-use the baggie....then you'll know you are really frugal!

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