Saturday, August 6, 2011

Simplicity Parenting - Resisting The Urge To Buy

The other day my son called out in delight, "Mama! Look at my wood chipper!" Using a toy garbage truck, excavator, and wood block he had created a realistic looking wood chipper. I offered my shared delight (wood chippers are the current favorite truck in our home these days) and returned to chopping veggies for that night's soup. Soon I was thinking, "oh, we should get him an actual wood chipper truck for his's coming up in a few weeks." Before voicing this thought to my husband I had a moment of clarity. He does not NEED a wood chipper toy truck. He has one that he is happy with, and his imagination benefits many times over. Buying said truck would be a damper. The urge to buy passed, I recognized the power of his creativity, and focused on chopping. Simplicity parenting in action!

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