Sunday, August 21, 2011

Toddler Bike Trailer / Jogger

This past month we decided that our youngest was old enough for a bike trailer / jogger. Thrilled at the idea of working out together or biking to church we jumped at the idea of getting a bike trailer / jogger. We determined a few criteria before shopping: it needed to be a double, collapse, and fit into the trunk of a Honda Civic.

First we called our favorite second hand bike shop, but no luck. Next we called a local bike shop (my husband has been a serious biker since moving back to Madison after living in the Tampa area). Lowest quote possible, near or above $500! Ugh, that's more than we want to spend. Armed with this price, we hopped on Craigslist. At first we were amazed at prices people were or near full retail price of a NEW trailer / jogger. Then we saw a posting for a Trek model, $50! Perfect, but what were the chances of it still being available? The post was over 2 weeks old. Figuring what the heck, we dialed. The family answered, confirmed that they still had it and would be home all day.

A few hours later we were out for a jog together. We are looking forward to more runs and eventually biking to church.

Our lesson -- set your criteria, gather price information, and work through the ads. Be patient, have a little faith, and soon you'll poses what you are looking for at a fraction of the price.

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