Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Books!

Regular readers have probably noted in older posts that when I am not blogging or being a Mama, I am a solo estate planning attorney. It is from a legal world experience that I compose this post. While I obtained this experience in the legal world, it can be applied to your life as well. How to get FREE books.

I'm a reader. Whether it is the cereal box, creative non-fiction, children's board books, and a NY Times bestseller, I can't stop reading. My main source of free books is the public library, but the down side is the library eventually wants these books returned. I do not crave many possessions, but books are a weakness for me. Whenever I've moved, I never feel settled into until my books are unpacked and lined on the shelf.

Reviewer copies are the way I've found to get books for free; books you can keep forever. I routinely write book reviews for the Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine. As a reviewer, I am given a free copy of the book. This has been a great way to build my professional library, and most recently add a crime drama novel to my shelf.

If you love to read, but are watching your dollars, I challenge you to ask -- how could I review books and write reviews?

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