Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Frugal Fall Shoes

The temperatures are falling here in Madison, so it is time to get fall shoes for our son, and now for our daughter as well. We are still in frugal overdrive at our home, but that did not stop me from making this purchase at Morgan Shoes / Stride Rite at Hilldale. Having a reputation as an "expensive" shoe store, I maintain my devotion. The quality and service are first-rate, and they know how to throw in discounts and coupons.

First, I used the birthday coupons. Loyal shoppers can sign up for their birthday mailing. I received a coupon for a free pair of Smartwool socks. Value of $17, not a penny out of pocket. Then I used 20% off for my son's shoes. The clerk figured out whether that coupon or the other I had would save the most. If you shop there, work with Kay, she's the best. For my daughter I used the $10 off coupon from the Bucky Book, set to expire at the end of the month. Having arrived in summer shoes, Kay got a pair of socks for my son to wear while trying on this new shoes. At the end she threw them in for free -- bonus!

And I wasn't done yet. Before leaving I received two punches on my frequent shopper card. Once I have it filled (10 punches), I'll receive $50 off my next purchase. Now I just need to hand out more of my referral cards, which give a new customer $10 off, and I get $10 off as well. If you want a card (Stride Rite only), let mt know and I'll mail it to you!

Morgan's, of how I love thee!

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