Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Frugal Flu Shot

It 's that time of year -- leaves are turning colors, the wind is whipping up, and everywhere you turn you're being told to get a flu shot. This year I will be getting my flu shot at the Target Pharmacy. The cost at Target $24.99 (sadly my 5% discount with the Target debit card does not apply since it is considered a prescription). However, I can pay with my HSA card, using tax free dollars. And, thanks to a coupon that came with a prior purchase, I'll receive a $5 Target Gift Card. I've priced the amount, and determined it was the lowest around. And far less expensive than a doctor's visit. Now, just keep your fingers crossed that this years shot covers all the pesky bugs that will float into the area later in the year.

Note, I was told by the Target Pharmacist that you must be 6 and older to use their service. That means the kids will be going to their pediatrician. The cost will be $103 for the mist, requested by my 3 year old, and $84 for my 1 year old daughters shot. We checked with Anthem, our health insurance provider, and were told that preventive medicine is now covered 100% by the insurance, a requirement under the new federal health care law. Since we have a high deductible plan, we are happy to hear we don't have to foot the bill....but will watch the doctor's invoice carefully to make sure it was not charge to us.

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