Friday, September 30, 2011

Frugal Nanny Search -- It's A Small World After All

Sadly, our current nanny has decided to move on and do some extended travel. We simply love having a child care provider come to our home, and want another nanny. Last time we ended up using a nanny placement agency. We were happy with the service, but the fee was $2,000 and even with a discount it would be $750 to use it again. And that was just a finders fee. So, we've decided to have that be our back-up option and give it a try ourselves. Our current nanny has given us plenty of notice, so unlike before, we have time to find a good fit. Here is our approach to finding a nanny without the step finders fee:
  • emailed job description to family, friends, and colleagues to see if they know of a good fit;
  • posted the job description on the local university's job board (UW Job Board); and
  • posted the job description on
Other options include Craigs List and We held off on those, and may not need them on this search.

The third option is amazing. $35 for 1 month of use gives me the ability to post our ad, search profiles already listed, view resumes, and even conduct a background check. Today we interviewed a candidate and believe we have a good match.

If you have children, pets, disabled family members, or elders in your life that need assistance, I'd encourage you to use It maximizes the great aspects of the internet and reduces the stress in a stressful part of life. And it underscores how small the world can be. When I opened the door to greet the applicant, I discovered that we'd met earlier in the year at a park. I was there with my children, and she was there with the kids she had been caring for - It's A Small World After All!

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