Friday, September 23, 2011

Haggle With A Coupon

Have you ever tossed a coupon aside saying "this is expired"....or "this is only good for dinner, not lunch". If you, you may have tossed good money in the trash. I am a huge fan of coupons. So much so that when I was dating my future husband I asked him at one point "how do you feel about coupons?" To my delight he said he loved them, and was equally happy to hear how I insisted on using them. Frugal love!

Not only do we use coupons, we push the limits. On more occasions than I can count I've asked a vendor to make an exception. Usually it is to substitute for another item on a buy-one-get-one-free deal. My husband is a vegetarian, and most of the coupons we find are for meat-based meals. The vendor is usually happy to substitute because veggie options are less expensive. We've also had luck with restaurants taking a coupon at lunch even though it says "for dinner" only.

A key to making this work, ask BEFORE you settle in. In this economy a potential customer is a customer the manage wants to please. They want you to take a seat, and a usually happy to be flexible with a coupon. But, be prepared to walk.

Any great coupon stories out there that you want to share?

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