Thursday, September 1, 2011

How The Frugal Handle a Broken Microwave

Over the weekend our microwave, one that came with the house, starting beeping and giving a failure mode. Delighted at the sudden need for the technically savvy, my husband, an electrical engineer, jumped into action. Rare is the occasion that he feels more comfortable in the kitchen than I do. So, how does a frugal family handle a microwave on the fritz?
  1. fire up laptop computer and search for information on the failure mode, via model of machine, on Google;
  2. learn that it means moisture has built up in the machine causing a short in the switch;
  3. take off the back of the microwave with a tamper resistant Torx -- and that is where we hit a snag. My husband's tool box does not contain this tool, so it has been ordered for $16. It is something he has been wanting to get (I know, that seems odd to me too), and is coming via ground.
  4. wait for now...the mircowave is unplugged, awaiting the tool to open up the back. The thinking is that a hair dryer can remove the moisture, we'll see.
  5. If it is beyond repair, off to Savers we will go....which is where I donated the extra microwave we had last year when we moved into the house. Lesson learned, store extra appliances downstairs, we'll likely need it in the future.

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