Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Book Review: Nifty Thrifty Music Crafts

Found on the library shelves, my kids and I have delighted in this gem of a book. Nifty Thrifty Music Crafts by Felicia Lowenstein Niven. It begins with a concise overview of music, breaking instruments into three groups: percussion, string, and wind. What follows are twenty plus pages of simple music crafts that come to life from basic household products. There are:
  • baby food jars transformed into a xylophone;
  • jar tops become finger cymbals;
  • a pie tin as a tambourine;
  • a rainstick evolves from a paper towel roll; and
  • empty frozen juice containers are filled to become maracas.
Easy, inexpensive, "green", and musical. The perfect combination for little kids. I highly recommend taking a closer look at this book!

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